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Why Raw Hair?

Raw Hair is not a new product to the hair industry.  We have had to distinguish that WE sell Raw Cambodian, Burmese, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Filipino Raw Virgin Hair because so many companies sell processed hair textures marketed as Virgin Hair.  We want to take the time to settle why Raw Hair is the BETTER purchasing option for long term hair extensions wear.

1.  It colors safely with no loss of hair strand integrity.

2.  It looks like real hair because it is real hair.

3.  It lasts for 1 to 2 years or longer with proper care and installation method.

4.  Curly and Wavy hair textures can be straightened and will revert back to the former texture upon washing and conditioning the hair.

5.  YOU will receive endless compliments because your hair look and feel will be different than the many who purchase hair passing for virgin hair.

Remember Raw Hair = Real Human Hair cut from a donor.  You can damage the hair just like you can damage your own real hair.  If you have any questions about hair care and maintenance of your new raw hair tresses WE are here!

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